Pintera submitted to the marketplace!

Pintera has just been submitted. It is a fully Metro experience for Pinterest on the Windows Phone. Features include exploring Pinterest by user, board, category and search as well as a secure log in to enable liking and repinning.

Assuming all goes well it will show up in the marketplace next week.

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Professional Geek - I work for Microsoft
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3 Responses to Pintera submitted to the marketplace!

  1. Can we post using pintera into pinterest? I do not find that feature working in mine.

  2. The current version of Pintera allows you to repin existing items you find on Pinterest, but it does not provide a way to pin new items. That functionality is on the list of requests for a future version though.

  3. Thanks for the reply @negative eddy.. thanks for providing this wonderful apps as it is and would love to have that feature as well..

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