480px v1.4 submitted to the marketplace!

It is still satisfying to hit that submit button. Hopefully this will be available for download to your Windows Phone sometime next week.

New features include

  • Log in to your 500px account
    From the account page you can also view your profile information and easily jump to your photos or the people you are following
  • Vote on images
    Once you log in you can vote to like or dislike photos! The voting buttons are in the application bar which is displayed by default but you have the option to minimize the bar instead for maximum screen size for image viewing.
  • Pinch/Zoom images
    You can now pinch/zoom on the images in the image view to see their full detail.
  • Large or small thumbnails
    Some people prefer more smaller thumbnails to fewer larger more detailed ones so they can have more of them on the screen at one time. You can now select whether you would like to have large thumbnails in the image stream view or smaller ones.
  • Comments
    In the image details view, you can now see the most recent comments on the image. Tap on the comment to go to that photographers images
  • Open on 500px.com
    While viewing an image, you can choose to open the browser directly to that images page on the 500px.com site.

About Negative Eddy

Professional Geek - I work for Microsoft
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