Thoughts on async/await in C#

I’ve changed the language that I (and others) use to describe this functionality in C# because it sometimes doesn’t quite hit the mark. And actually can cause new users of it to believe the wrong thing is happening. More details here

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Chain It! game for Windows 8 now in the store!

OK, I finally got something submitted to the Windows Store. Its a simple game of tapping tiles in order and trying to get the longest chain you can. Give it a try at
Its simple now (just 4 game modes) but there is more stuff planned…
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480px v2.2.0.1 available now

If your Windows Phone is not set to US English, please go download this update now! There was an issue that many non-US users began to see with recent versions where the image streams would show up empty. This is now fixed. This is also the reason some of you were not seeing the lock screens update correctly.


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480px v2.2 is available

480px v2.2 is now available for download from the store. This release is a minor update that fixes some UI elements to allow better use of the screen as well as fix some scenarios that would cause a crash when changing pages and also in the task that updates the lock screen.

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What should the 480px share feature say?

I’ve never been quite happy with the text of the share feature. Currently it looks like this:

I saw this while exploring 480px on Windows Phone

[original tweet]

So it has a link to the app and the actual photo. This works nicely in twitter because they recognize the photo and will expand it in place as well as provide a link to @500px.

I’ve seen one person make a slight change to

I saw this while exploring 500px on Windows Phone

But is there something better or more obvious? I originally thought just the photo title but not all photos have a title or its too long. For short titles it works nicely like this one from this morning

Smile 🙂

[original tweet]

If anyone has a suggestion send it this way –

Twitter: @negativeeddy

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480px update available v2.1.0.1 & v1.6.0.1

If you were having trouble logging in due to your Facebook account linked to your 500px account, please download the latest update and try again.

Both the windows phone 7 and 8 versions of the app were updated.


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480px login fix coming soon

If you are having trouble logging into 480px you may try this. Unlink your Facebook account from your account. There are some Facebook IDs that cause a problem with 480px. This will be fixed in the next update coming soon.

If you need the accounts linked because you use Facebook to log in to 500px, then please just be patient and wait for the update to become available in the store. Keep your eyes on this space for announcements…

p.s. If you want the gory details, check if your Facebook ID is less than 2,000,000,000 or so (if it fits into a signed int, for your programmers out there), then you should be able to log in. Many people have something like 100000xxxxxxxxx which is causing the issue.

UPDATE: fixed version was submitted to the store on 1/23

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480px v2.1 available!

After a brief issue with the certification process, 480px v2.1 has been released in the Windows Phone Store. If you have v2.0 and were experiencing this issue just go to the store get the latest version.

If you were experiencing the issue, then you will get the normal “Do you want to see whats new?” prompt when you launch it. You will also immediately get the “Do you want to review 480px?” prompt after that.

It’s ironic that the failure of the review prompt to show was the cause of an issue that started the first series of poor reviews 480px has had. If you had the problem and gave a poor review, please go back and re-review it now. Thanks!

Now, back to adding features!

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480px v2.1 on its way with a fix

There is one major thing in the 2.1 version of 480px which is a fix for a crash in the app review request portion of 480px. This error manifests itself as a crash when you try to launch the app. You should only see this if you meet all of the following conditions

  1. You are using version 2.0 on a Windows Phone 8 device
  2. You have launched the app more than 5 times.
  3. You have launched the app on 2 different days.
  4. You have not reviewed the app when prompted at startup.

A fix has been completed and submitted to the store.

This bug does not prevent lockscreen or tile updates from functioning properly.

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Now you can have your lock screen updated from any photo stream on 500px automatically!

Go get it now!

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