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Thoughts on async/await in C#

I’ve changed the language that I (and others) use to describe this functionality in C# because it sometimes doesn’t quite hit the mark. And actually can cause new users of it to believe the wrong thing is happening. More details here

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Chain It! game for Windows 8 now in the store!

OK, I finally got something submitted to the Windows Store. Its a simple game of tapping tiles in order and trying to get the longest chain you can. Give it a try at Its simple now (just 4 game … Continue reading

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480px v2.2.0.1 available now

If your Windows Phone is not set to US English, please go download this update now! There was an issue that many non-US users began to see with recent versions where the image streams would show up empty. This is … Continue reading

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480px v2.2 is available

480px v2.2 is now available for download from the store. This release is a minor update that fixes some UI elements to allow better use of the screen as well as fix some scenarios that would cause a crash when … Continue reading

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What should the 480px share feature say?

I’ve never been quite happy with the text of the share feature. Currently it looks like this: I saw this while exploring 480px on Windows Phone [original tweet] So it has a link to the app and the … Continue reading

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480px update available v2.1.0.1 & v1.6.0.1

If you were having trouble logging in due to your Facebook account linked to your 500px account, please download the latest update and try again. Both the windows phone 7 and 8 versions of the app were updated. Enjoy!

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480px login fix coming soon

If you are having trouble logging into 480px you may try this. Unlink your Facebook account from your account. There are some Facebook IDs that cause a problem with 480px. This will be fixed in the next update coming … Continue reading

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480px v2.1 available!

After a brief issue with the certification process, 480px v2.1 has been released in the Windows Phone Store. If you have v2.0 and were experiencing this issue just go to the store get the latest version. If you were experiencing … Continue reading

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480px v2.1 on its way with a fix

There is one major thing in the 2.1 version of 480px which is a fix for a crash in the app review request portion of 480px. This error manifests itself as a crash when you try to launch the app. … Continue reading

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Now you can have your lock screen updated from any photo stream on 500px automatically! Go get it now!

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