upcoming Pintera update v1.1

Something went wrong with the last update so it didn’t include the intended fixes. So they will be included in the next update to be released imminently. Plus it will include background tasks to update your live tiles to the current pins! This video shows 4 different tiles that have been pinned to the start screen: the Popular collection, a search for “tattoo”, a user’s board and the application tile. The application tile will show the “popular” collection on its back face.

You can choose in the application settings whether to show the 2 latest pins in the tile’s collection or to choose 2 randomly.


(please ignore the red toast notification in the video. that is only there during debugging sessions and so will not show up in the final version in the marketplace)

this update will also include fixes for bugs which cause crashes when repinning an item in a collection whose name contains an ampersand (“&”) and sometimes when resuming the application from task switching.

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